• Rotary Cutter, Straight 45mm, MA-RC-452
  • Rotary Cutter, Pinking 45mm, MA-RC-453P
  • Rotary Cutter, Wave 45mm, MA-RC-453W

Rotary Cutter 45mm

Model : MA-RC-456, MA-RC-452, MA-RC-453P, MA-RC-453W,MA-RC-451


Safety guard of rotary cutter can protect the blade and your fingers, Sharp blade with durable edge is easy to replace.
Better effciency to cut with a cutting mat. More than 10 wavy blade patterns available. All products are made in Taiwan.

For Sewing Fabric Leather Quilting Tools

Rotary Cutter 45mm


ds-rc-452.jpg  Rotary Cutter, Straight 45mm,  MA-RC-452

ds-rc-453p.jpg  Rotary Cutter, Pinking 45mm,  MA-RC-453P

ds-rc-453w.jpg Rotary Cutter, Wave 45mm,   MA-RC-453W